Posted on July 28, 2015

5 Tips for Writing Mainstream Fiction

I have oodles of advice. Oodles. Doesn't mean I'm always right, and yes, your mileage may vary. All I know is what works for me (or has worked to get me to this stage in my career.)

Recently, I was asked once again in an interview, so I decided to take the five biggies and put them into an easy-to-remember list.


It’s in the cards:

5 Tips for Writing Mainstream Fiction

by Misty Evans

© 2015



  1. High Concept is King. Pick a high-concept premise that you're passionate about and that people love. Build your characters/series around this premise. Check out K.M. Weiland's helpful article on high concept: 
  2. Conflict is Queen. Up the conflict and add tension on every page to keep readers turning the pages. Here are ten ideas to put tension on every page: 
  3. A supportive tribe is your Ace. Success doesn’t happen overnight so be prepared for the long haul. Surround yourself with friends who will keep encouraging you and critique partners who will tell you truth when your writing sucks. Because sometimes it will. They’ll also tell you when it’s keeping them up at night to read just one more chapter or how to make it better. Check out how to build a successful support system: 
  4. Professionalism is your Full House. Learn the business inside and out. There’s no magic bullet. Do the time, put in the work. Be willing to pay for professional cover art, editing, and formatting. It will show. If you need help with blurbs or plotting, well, you know who to contact!
  5. Readers are Blackjack. They come first. Write books they love and be nice to them. Cross-promote with other authors and be nice to them too! Good karma is as important as good writing.


So there you have it. Five easy (or difficult, depending on how you look at them) tips. What would you add to this list?